Timon of Athens



“Tech and theater collide in our Timon of Athens, but does Shakespeare’s text capture the industry’s excess and impermanence? On April 18, see the play and chat with Rusty Rueff (former CEO of SNOCAP, former Vice President of Electronic Arts) and Erik Blachford (TCV Venture Partner, former CEO of Expedia) in a special talkback about the meteoric rises and cataclysmic falls that link Timon to today’s tech industry.” – Cutting Ball Theatre

by William Shakespeare
directed by Rob Melrose
The Cutting Ball Theater
277 Taylor St, SF
March 30 – April 29, 2018

My interview with NYC street artist Abe Lincoln Jr. He discusses post-9/11, the current state of the city, depression, fear, his humble beginnings, and his part in jump-starting the “Resistance is Female” guerrilla art campaign.

For those of you craving more intellectual rigor than we have to offer, please enjoy his artist statement here

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