It’s a year that comes up a lot for me. Two of my favorite books were published that year: Laughter in the Dark by Nabokov and Locos by Felipe Alfau, in addition to so many other great bodies of work in all mediums.


In 1936 synthesized radium was first produced and put in cosmetics to make your skin glow.



It was the year that France had their one short chance to defeat Hitler.

My grandmother was 15 and a Lux Lovely,  which means she sang on London radio and talked about soap.


Women_Watching_Stars_by_Chou_Ota,_1936,_color_on_paper_-_National_Museum_of_Modern_Art,_Tokyo_-_DSC06674Women Watching Stars by Chou Ota, 1936
Barr’s Timeline of Modern Art, 1936