May Day! The clowns are loose…


I generally have mixed feelings about clowns but am willing to make an exception for these delightful weirdos.

Pleased to present Maya Lane, artistic director of Bay Area dance/circus group Fou Fou Ha!

We discuss the age-old vaudevillian tradition of performance being a catalyst for joy, embracing the shadow self, the development of community, and the struggles of maintaining a livelihood for the creative forces that bring these experiences to the world!

*Please excuse the static- we are busy, remote-style people.

Click here for FOU FOU HA WEBSITE

Go see their latest production, Menagerie of Fools, which supports San Francisco’s Circus Center:

Friday, June 8 at 9 PM – 10:30 PM

Circus Center
755 Frederick St, San Francisco, California 94117

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