Ars Longa, Vita Brevis…

..occasio praeceps, experimentum periculosum, iudicium difficile.

Truth & Beauty

Let us drown in wormwood fairy symphonies.
Detail from ‘Ophelia’ (1852) John Everett Millais


‘The Depths of the Sea’, Sir Edward Burne-Jones
‘Fatima’, Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones, 1862
“Monna Pomona”, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1864
“Oriana”, William Holman Hunt
“Mariana”, Millais, 1851

This painting originally was shown with this inscribed beneath it:

She only said, “my life is dreary, he cometh not,” she said. She said, “I am aweary, aweary, I would that I were dead!”

The poet, Tennyson, 1830

The last gasp of summer.

The sound of Bebop Jazz can be heard in the distance coming from an open window of an old 1920s cabin here by the lovely Russian River.

Miles and his friends have followed up from the city…

Guerneville, CA.
Wasp nest in the tiny kitchen. We’ll just shut this little door and leave them alone.

In the morning, at around 7, a murder of crows pass over. They perch on the branches of a probably hundred-plus -year-old walnut tree. The shaking of the branches by the crows cause the walnuts to come crashing down onto the cabin. Good Times.

“The mode of founding a college..

is, commonly, to get up a subscription of dollars and cents, and then following blindly the principles of the division of labor to its extreme, a principle which should never be followed but with circumspection, -to call in a contractor who makes this a subject of speculation, and he employs Irishmen or other operatives actually to lay the foundations, while the students that are to be are said to be fitting themselves for it; and of these oversights successive generations have to pay. I think that it would be better than this, for the students, or those who desire to be benefitted by it, even to lay the foundation themselves. The student who secures his coveted leisure and retirement by systematically shirking any labor necessary to man obtains but an ignoble and unprofitable leisure, defrauding himself of the experience which alone can make leisure fruitful. “But”, says one, “you do not mean that the students should go to work with their hands instead of their heads?”  I do not mean that exactly, but I mean something which he might think a good deal like that; I mean that they should not play life, nor study it merely, while the community supports them at this expensive game, but earnestly live it from beginning to end. How could youth better learn to live than by at once trying the experiment of living?”  ~ from Walden, Thoreau

After Sarah Bernhardt: Frances de la Tour’s 1979 performance as Hamlet — Shakespeare & Beyond

Jonathan Croall’s new book, Performing Hamlet, gives a decade-by-decade look (starting in the 1950s) at iconic performances of one of Shakespeare’s most well-known characters. The book, published this summer by Bloomsbury in The Arden Shakespeare series, also contains the theater historian’s in-depth interviews with five distinguished actors who have played Hamlet in the 21st century: Jude…

via After Sarah Bernhardt: Frances de la Tour’s 1979 performance as Hamlet — Shakespeare & Beyond

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Female Hamlets


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