So sick with the flu, it hurts to move my eyes but I did manage to watch a few movies and am currently binge-watching Black Mirror season 4, which is consistently amazing.

Irma Vep, 1996, is about the making of a movie, complete with dramatic personalities, quirky and difficult artistes, people dancing wildly in striped t-shirts to Serge Gainsbourg, and of course, Maggie Cheung looking insanely hot in a latex cat-suit.  It’s not that deep but fun to watch.

Radio Mary, 2017 This film is mostly mega-closeups of the leading lady’s pained face, then her wandering around in a nightgown, still looking pained. It’s not clear what happened, we just know that something did because for some reason everyone is concerned. Then there’s this guy that is real/not real? Well, somehow he floats around in the sky and then comes down again. He’s also a serial killer? And if he touches you, you become infected? Oh, and Mary: there’s music in her head and she is telepathic? See all these question marks? That’s how I feel about this movie. It made no sense.

La Fidelite, 2000 directed by Andrzej Zulawski. I have seen this one before but I still enjoy it. This move is so classically French, it is almost as if they are making fun of themselves. It has everything: budding romance in Parisian flower shops, torrid affairs, magazine industry hijinks, bougie mansions, creepy organized crime, and the incredibly chic Sophie Marceau. Just when you think it’s wrapping up it takes you down another road with more story. This film is the equivalent of eating an entire box of eclairs in one sitting, and it’s not terrible.

Hypnotic sound – part 3

We all, whether from the caves of France, the coasts of Spain, plains of Africa, Celtic trails, or arid deserts, have been touched by a shaman. It is what gave our ancestors a sense of meaning beyond finding food and shelter. The “ones that know” tapped  into the liminal space between this world and the spirit world. They stepped into realms of discovery in order to bring us culture, creative expression. Art, music, healing powers, and sensuality were the gifts they brought back from the “others”.

We not only have the power to find our way home, we all possess a 6th sense that we dilute with outer stimuli. The ancient ways are still in us and we can find it whenever we want! Creation of alternate realities through art, branching of ideas, altered states of consciousness, and all modes of meditation help us utilize the magic we possess.

Reclaim your power. Does it sound cheesy, who cares. Gifts should be appreciated.

cave_paintings.jpgPrehistoric hands


shamanstar.jpgshaman-moab.jpgmushrooms_art2.jpgaustralianpetroglyph.jpg Depiction of shamans in prehistoric art