This is a band that I saw at Bottom of the Hill a few months back. Kingdom of Not opened for them. Not only were these dewy millennials the coolest people on Earth, but I love their music. I had to post some earlier songs to compare to their soul-crushing sound of late. Who doesn’t enjoy deep, magical beings getting bombastic? I personally can’t resist them. To be in the same room as their collective power is indescribable here.


Sunday in the city- technicolor

Biking through the rainbow-brite pride vibe, which made for a festive journey with perfect weather. I also had the pleasure of going to the “musical extravaganza house party” later on and meeting up with some creative folks, the likes of which are very special and infinitely interesting.

Strawberry Smog band member, Kyle Ranson is also a visual artist and does some pretty wild work, including this collaborative tarot deck

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“Joan of Arc”, Kyle Ranson
“Hope Springs Eternal”, Kyle Ranson