“F*ck this Sh*t!”

My interview with NYC street artist Abe Lincoln Jr. He discusses post-9/11, the current state of the city, depression, fear, his humble beginnings, and his part in jump-starting the “Resistance is Female” guerrilla art campaign.

For those of you craving more intellectual rigor than we have to offer, please enjoy his artist statement here

Thank you Abe Jr.!

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Peterson vs. Zizek 2019

It’s like the WWF – but with words.

Peterson vs. Zizek 2019

Someone also described Zizek as “a trash panda who was transformed into a human witch” but he is probably fine with that:


Word on the street is this trash panda is going to mop the floor with JP. but is it really a competition?


Toronto’s Sony Center on April 19. The topic? Happiness: Capitalism versus Marxism.

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