Dance Hall Racket

Troubled but inspirational comedian Lenny Bruce wrote this B-movie in 1953 and stars in it with his real-life wife Honey Harlow. The cast of this film warrant their own interesting bios here, but you can dig around for yourself. The movie is not a masterpiece, but it gives a taste of the seedy nightlife of post-war America.

In honor of George Romero

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An interesting fact: One of George Romero’s favorite movies, which he said changed his life was The Tales of Hoffmann from 1951. He said it made him want to make movies. I love it as well and always felt more connected to Romero having known that.

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This is for George, to make him happy and to remember who he was, not just his adventurous films. The full version of Hoffmann was hard to find, so here’s a trailer. If anyone finds it please post in the comments?


In addition to GR’s better-known zombie films, Creepshow was another childhood favorite, such a good one from the tween memory collection.