Hypnotic sound – part 3

We all, whether from the caves of France, the coasts of Spain, plains of Africa, Celtic trails, or arid deserts, have been touched by a shaman. It is what gave our ancestors a sense of meaning beyond finding food and shelter. The “ones that know” tapped  into the liminal space between this world and the spirit world. They stepped into realms of discovery in order to bring us culture, creative expression. Art, music, healing powers, and sensuality were the gifts they brought back from the “others”.

We not only have the power to find our way home, we all possess a 6th sense that we dilute with outer stimuli. The ancient ways are still in us and we can find it whenever we want! Creation of alternate realities through art, branching of ideas, altered states of consciousness, and all modes of meditation help us utilize the magic we possess.

Reclaim your power. Does it sound cheesy, who cares. Gifts should be appreciated.

cave_paintings.jpgPrehistoric hands


shamanstar.jpgshaman-moab.jpgmushrooms_art2.jpgaustralianpetroglyph.jpg Depiction of shamans in prehistoric art

En route to Legion of Honor for Klimt & Rodin.death-life-gustav-klimt.jpg



The entry to the Legion has always reminded me of a BBC miniseries.