Faces of Silence – Shedding Light on Solitary Confinement

Interview with Christine Shields about her illustrations for Voice of Witness’ new release, SIX BY TEN – Stories from Solitary – “SIX BY TEN: Stories from Solitary explores the mental, physical, and spiritual impacts of America’s widespread embrace of solitary confinement. Through stories from those subjected to solitary confinement, family members on the outside, and corrections officers, Six by Ten examines the darkest hidden corners of America’s mass incarceration culture and illustrates how solitary confinement inflicts lasting consequences on families and communities far beyond prison walls. Edited by Taylor Pendergrass and Mateo Hoke.”

Portrait of Brian
Portrait of Brian, Christine Shields, from SIX BY TEN
Portrait of Sonya
Portrait of Sonya, by Christine Shields from SIX BY TEN




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An incredible story

of how some Dali prints recently came into my life and the strange people and things that brought me to them. Then, the strange people and things that Dali brought to me. It is unfolding as we speak with more to follow later…


as the Great Dali Expert recently said to me:

“nothing about Dali has ever been simple.”

It just so happens that my favorite most obnoxious Dali moments also happened during my favorite year, 1936:

In 1936, Dalí took part in the London International Surrealist Exhibition. His lecture, titled Fantômes paranoiaques authentiques, was delivered while wearing a deep-sea diving suit and helmet. He had arrived carrying a billiard cue and leading a pair of Russian wolfhounds, and had to have the helmet unscrewed as he gasped for breath. He commented that “I just wanted to show that I was ‘plunging deeply’ into the human mind.”