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Welcome to Sacramento, CA., where the loquat trees are heavy with fruit and the roses are as big as your face. Visual and musical artist Christine Shields discusses inspirations, meditations, and ways of getting creatively “unstuck”.

Images and music courtesy of Christine Shields*

Christine’s web site here

*”Encountering the Red Man” by Rio Yanez

Collages by Jason Mecier

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Random person talks about the Red Man, aka “Prince Charm”:

“one time he was having a particularly lucid day, and I had been chatting him up / buying him drinks & smokes for a really long time (like years), and he invited me to his room for a drink. We went up there, to the SRO on 16th street, and when he opened the door, the whole room was filled with stuff, like floor to ceiling. The only space was right near the door, where there was a mattress, a chair with a TV on it and a giant box of red cosmetics of all types. he poured us 2 paper cups of vodka, which we drank in the hall. then he walked away and left me standing there.”


May Day! The clowns are loose…


I generally have mixed feelings about clowns but am willing to make an exception for these delightful weirdos.

Pleased to present Maya Lane, artistic director of Bay Area dance/circus group Fou Fou Ha!

We discuss the age-old vaudevillian tradition of performance being a catalyst for joy, embracing the shadow self, the development of community, and the struggles of maintaining a livelihood for the creative forces that bring these experiences to the world!

*Please excuse the static- we are busy, remote-style people.

Click here for FOU FOU HA WEBSITE




“F*ck this Sh*t!”

My interview with NYC street artist Abe Lincoln Jr. He discusses post-9/11, the current state of the city, depression, fear, his humble beginnings, and his part in jump-starting the “Resistance is Female” guerrilla art campaign.

For those of you craving more intellectual rigor than we have to offer, please enjoy his artist statement here

Thank you Abe Jr.!

Visit him here

and here

oh and here!

*please excuse the static- we are busy, remote-style people.