Mexico City

I enjoyed traveling in D.F. Stayed with friends who lived in La Condesa, so it made the experience less overwhelming. There are gorgeous nuggets of art and humanity all over this town, but it is huuuge and at any corner you turn you may find yourself in some sketchy patches. That being said, I found that walking in the city was the most gratifying of adventures. There are cool places outside the city, but expect to take 3 hours to get out of the urban areas, as the traffic is insane.

The air quality is famous for being horrible. You will notice that the sky looks fairly clear and all seems well, but after a while, many people start to wonder why they feel so light headed and shaky. Yeah, the air is not great. I have travelled all over the world and D.F. is the only place where I managed to get royally ripped off. It felt like a genuine D.F. experience though.

Think fast, cuz someone behind you is going to jump on a golden opportunity. Lots of life, lots of stories.

I have an amazing portrait from a D.F. street paper with a classically colorful D.F. story that comes with it. I have to get pic of the image and post it here.

The old drive that had all my D.F. photos got destroyed, and this is all that’s left.


Lots of objects and one arachnid:

Zona Rosa


La Condesa


Author: Subterraneans

"My candle burns at both ends; It will not last the night; But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends— It gives a lovely light!" ~E. St. V. M.

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