The Incompetence of the Elite.

safe_image.jpgFostering the 1%  with cold-blooded corruption

This is huge.

I suspect that since the prison population has been getting whiter and whiter this last year, the conditions will improve significantly.

Sadly, this is not a New Concept. It’s been going on for centuries and it doesn’t just happen in the United States.

When I lived in Japan I heard from more than one source that it’s a common occurrence for people to pay their children’s way into prestigious schools, and even pay to push through their graduation when they technically should have failed. No one rich fails. It would be the most humiliating turn of events and cannot happen.

That is a chilling thought when you consider that people the world over are placed in high security and authority positions which actually require some knowledge, experience, and skill.

This recurred to me when the 2011 tsunami and earthquake hit Japan. The authorities in charge completely dropped the ball, exacerbating a radioactive disaster and did not follow through with proper aid to their citizens. Part of the reason is because a lot of them are incompetent from the beginning.  It is a distinct tragedy.

There are people who have scraped through life and worked very hard to get where they are, who graduate with honors, and are still not considered for ivy league or executive positions because they don’t have the right connections.  We’ve all pretty much known this, but now there is glaring confirmation.

Felicity Huffman blocked from exiting the courthouse, 3/12/19

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