“Disconnected and weird”

The Biebs is depressed.

Who hasn’t felt disconnected and weird before? I could probably say I have felt disconnected and weird for most of my life but, back to the Biebs.

I predict that his marriage will end at some point and he will go through a second bad-boy phase, really going on a tear.

Do I want the Biebs to suffer? Of course not, he’s adorable. Do I want to see him go on another bad-boy rampage where he gets rebellious and flips off society? I’d be lying if I said I didn’t, I’m a Subterranean. He has such vibrant bursts of youth, it is hard to be upset. The time he got all sloppy and peed in a bucket for all the world to see? Or when he got scrappy outside a club and picked a fight with with Orlando Bloom. It was hilarious.

The Biebs is looking for himself and it’s very hard to do because he became famous via YouTube when he was just a young boy and now he’s lost.

He was molded by the entertainment industry to fit a certain image, to sell records, to make people happy, make people $$$, and to basically be ON at all times. I sense that he once really enjoyed his fame quite a bit but he was still, again: a young boy who’s going to go through identity, social, and sexual crises. He just happened to go through all of this with billions of people watching. And he still is going through it, he’s only like 25, but he’s lived such a complicated and full life already. It appears that he enjoys the excitement but he also longs to just be a normal dude sometimes. He’s probably never going to have that.

I could watch the Justin Bieber roast over and over because it was brutal in all the best and most controversial ways and it demonstrated that a lot of other famous people realize how vulnerable he is and try to keep a support system around him. It’s also a bit endearing to watch Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg instantly fall in love with each other in a haze of pot smoke but that’s a whole other story.

I’ve never had much interest in his music, I think I’ve only heard a couple of songs, one of them was pretty damn funny though. If he actually wrote the lyrics to that song I would say he’s a talented comedian as well.

I saw a video of this 5 year old girl who was talking about how much she loved him. His dancing, his voice, how sweet he was to the audience, she was gushing. Then he walked into the room and surprised her and she totally lost it. She just burst into tears as he picked her up and hugged her like a sweet, older brother. He appeared to be a genuine, goofy kid.

Sure, he has made some mistakes and has said some really dumb things, but we all do. Luckily, most of us don’t have sociopathic paparazzi hiding in bushes; documenting our grave acts of idiocy in the name of passion.

I wonder if he feels disconnected and weird because his clothing line just came out and the deeper spiritual side of him was suddenly like: “I don’t give a fuck about this stupid shit” or “why, why does any of this matter and why am I here?” I remember asking myself this sometimes when I was a young ballet dancer, killing myself over things that suddenly seemed trivial and pointe-less.

I eventually checked out, went to strange lands. and observed the intense pressure to succeed just melt off of me. To witness extreme human suffering and understand that your life is beyond lucky. Maybe Biebs will do that too. I would love to see him go to a mountaintop and let the breezes wash over him while he reflects on some deep-ass shit. That would be amazing. But no, I take it back; I don’t want to see him. Let’s not watch him do this. Let him have “me time”. He has not had it in a while, if ever.

People go bananas over the Biebs. It’s a phenomenon. It must be hard to be surrounded by followers but feel so alone at the same time.



The Biebs with his mom.

Author: Subterraneans

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