The Construction of Pericles – beginning to end

Day 1:



Day 2:

Drape the back

Trace the pattern of the sleeve, widen the pattern from the center, and cut the mockup:


Finished sleeve mockup

Remove the bodice sketch from the dress form, true-up the pieces, add seam allowance, and cut the paper patterns.

Day 4: I messed up a bunch of stuff and had to do it over, so more pics on day 5 (it’s called Learning)

Day 5:


Make adjustments to the paper pattern by attaching pieces.  Even out the darts, cut the fabric, sew the pieces together. First mock up is done.

Day 6: Moving on to the designer’s next piece, building the dress underneath first:


Rough draft complete.

Day 7: Draft a pattern for a cutout sleeve. The shape of this sleeve is a challenge and required several different drafts.


Day 8: Sleeve complete, mockup 2 complete, actor’s first fitting today:


Day 9:

Trued-up pattern pieces for the wraparound dress:


Day 10:  second mockup complete. Nice, smooth darts and better fit.20181001_182321.jpg

Day 11: Drape the final piece:

Drawing by Grace. Draping the pieces for her vest design that goes over the bias-cut dress.


Day 12: preparing muslin to flatline fashion fabric




Day 18: the pieces are almost finished, but ready enough for dress rehearsal:




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