Desert stories

The desert of the 50’s, small shops and vacation/retirement homes.


Cholla Forest Pinto Basin Joshua Tree National Monument 1947 by Harlow Jones

Modern homestead in Wonder Valley
5 acres of desert land for $15,000 in Lander’s CA. got me intrigued enough to check it out for myself, and to read Kim Stringfellow’s fun and interesting book:  Jack Rabbit Homestead

What I found on part of the land:


Remnants of previous life: ceramics, huge TV, vinyl records identify these artifacts to be around  40 years old….



Famous tourist attraction and new-age mecca, The Integratron has a story rooted in science fiction and mysticism from the 1950’s:DSCN0076

One of many sources that tell the story of the man who built it, etc.

DSCN0080Beautiful woodwork inside The IntegratronDSCN0081

We lay on the floor and listen to vibrating crystals..if you love sci fi mystery and/or have ASMR this is the place for you!

Landscaping around The Integratron:DSCN0077

Many artists have moved to the desert so they can own an affordable home and do their art, most become inspired by the feeling of the land and decide to stay permanently.TowerHomestead800Pie for the People wall muralbbkit2katie2kitchwallbuilt_in_the_desert_tx700Desert-Arts

The Oasis of Mara can be seen in the distance in this mid-century photo:TheOasisOfMara-29Palms

Yucca Valley consignment store holds many strange items.
Miscellaneous abandoned homesteads scattered throughout the California desert. photo credit: Kim Stringfellow from


Author: Subterraneans

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